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  • Combines HDTV, SDTV, PSIP, data and multi-program transport streams into a single output multiplex
  • Transport stream and channel re-branding, including network information
  • Automatic PID conflict resolution
  • Provides a universal “post insertion” capability for inserting externally generated tables (PSIP, SI, RCS)
  • Support for PSIP insertion over ASI or Ethernet
  • Blocks irrelevant or unwanted programs and associated program data
  • Configurable output data rate for transport stream re-rating
  • NCR regeneration for DVB-RCS applications
  • English or Spanish language user interface support


The TSM-2800 provides extensive table processing and stream grooming and analysis capabilities for combining and manipulating streams. Support for opportunistic data and PSIP insertion provides operators with the ability to tailor streams for local broadcasts and fully utilize available bandwidth.

ATSC and DVB Terrestrial Broadcast

Combines and grooms streams from multiple sources including encoders, video servers and IRDs into a single transport stream. PSIP/SI insertion is supported with an external generator—ASI or Ethernet.

DVB Satellite

Combine and groom multiple services into a single output for improved transponder utilization.

Redundancy Switching

With the smart switch option, the TSM-2800 can automatically detect faults in the input streams and switch to an alternate source. This switch is performed on a packet boundary, causing little or no impact to the services.

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