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  • TSACO-3000

    Transport Stream Automatic Change Over

    The TSACO-3000 is a multi-format transport stream failover switch and format converter all in one. It enables broadcasters to automatically switch between a primary and backup transport stream in the event of a failure and is compliant in both ATSC and DVB Markets. The TSACO-3000 accepts ASI, SMPTE 310M and TSoIP transport stream formats and outputs all formats simultaneously.

  • PSIP Pro

    PSI/SI Electronic Program Guide Generator

    PSIP Pro describes information at the system and event level for all virtual channels carried in a particular transport stream and to allow program schedule information to be displayed on ATSC-compatible digital TV receivers. PSIP Pro provides stations with the capability to brand their digital channel identity and deliver a rich variety of television-related data including the electronic program guide data, closed caption service data, content advisories and supports multiple languages.

  • TSC-6000

    Transport Stream Converter

    The TSC-6000 is a multi-format transport stream converter which is compliant in both ATSC and DVB Markets. The unit accepts ASI, SMPTE 310M & TSoIP transport stream formats and outputs all formats simultaneously. The TSC-6000 can be configured and monitored via a web server interface. The TSC-6000 has GPI/O, dual power supplies for reliability and is field upgradable.

  • PSIP.Net

    Corporate Level PSIP Management System

    PSIP.Net is an electronic program guide management system that is designed for television networks or broadcast group owners. PSIP.Net enables a network or group owner or to provide PSIP to their affiliate stations through their existing distribution WAN network or through the vertical ancillary data space (VANC) of the baseband video signal through satellite transmission.

  • PCI Cards

    PCIS-1100, PCID-1200, PCIM-1300 & PCIU-1400 Cards

    DTV Innovations offers four transport stream PCI cards including an ASI output card (PCIS-1100), a transport stream capture/playback card (PCID-1200), a two input multiplexer card (PCIM-1400) and a data insertion card (PCIU-1400). All of our PCI cards work with DTVi's PSIP Pro Electronic Program Guide software application, which provides for PSIP insertion into the final transport stream output.


    Virtual Channel Table Re-Brander

    PSIP data contains essential tuning information, Virtual Channel Tables (VCT), to allow consumer receivers to tune in digital channels. When a station broadcasts their signal into multiple markets, the VCT information generally requires changes i.e. channel number and transport stream ID (TSID). With PSIP TRX, these data elements can be modified within a transport stream and re-generated in the final output multiplexer in real time.

  • FastESG

    ATSC Mobile DTV Electronic Service Guide

    FastESG Mobile TV Platform is a complete solution for creating, aggregating and delivering advanced Mobile TV services over broadcast and cellular networks. It provides Content Providers, Commercial Operators, Network Operators and Broadcast Operators with a management platform for Electronic Service Guide (ESG), Interactive and Datacasting services.

  • ISDB-Tb Pro

    Electronic Program Guide for South America

    ISDB-Tb Pro is a software based electronic program guide for the emerging ISDB-Tb markets in South America. Designed for both terrestrial and 1-SEG applications. Based on DTV Innovations proven PSIP Pro platform for ATSC, the ISDB-Tb Pro is fully compliant with Brazilian broadcast standards and recommended practices. It provides complete support for all required ISDB-Tb tables and descriptors.



DTV Innovations provides high quality, cost-effective hardware and software solutions to the ATSC, ATSC-M/H, Cable, DVB, DVB-T & ISDB-Tb broadcast markets. We are fully dedicated to the development of new advancements in digital broadcasting, including leading-edge products and true end-to-end solutions from design and implementation to support and service.

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