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  • Meets FCC PSIP Mandate for Dynamic PSIP Generation
  • Unlimited Virtual Channels with up to a 16-day Program Schedule
  • Closed Caption, AC-3 Audio & Content Advisory Descriptors
  • Broadcast Flag for Redistribution Control
  • Interfaces: UDP/IP & ASI (PCI Card Included)
  • Easy Integration with All Encoders & Multiplexer Brands
  • Optional: PMCP Upgrade (ATSC A/76)
  • Optional: Transport Stream Multiplexer PCI Card

Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) for Terrestrial Broadcast and Cable is an ATSC (A/65) standard. PSIP is a collection of tables designed to operate within every digital broadcast transport stream. It describes information at the system and event levels for all virtual channels carried in a particular transport stream and to allow program schedule information to be displayed on ATSC-compatible digital TV receivers. PSIP is not only the foundation for maintaining the station's digital TV identity but, also the delivery of a rich variety of television-related data services, including the electronic program guide data, caption service data, content advisories, and support of multiple languages. The primary purpose of PSIP is to facilitate acquisition and navigation among the digital services available to a particular receiver or set-top-box. It also serves as a support platform for applications such as data broadcasting. Delivering PSIP data is essential for digital terrestrial and cable broadcasters.

PSIP Pro is software based, accurate, easy to use, feature rich Electronic Program Guide (EPG) generator. It allows for the generation and management program schedules and contains advanced capabilities and a user-friendly graphic interface at a cost-effective, entry level price.

PSIP Pro has a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface that allows generation, editing, navigation, and searching of digital television program schedules. Advanced functions such as recurring events, default event, search event gaps, search event overlap and event over run control are provided to minimize user input. PSIP Pro has the capability to import information about the audio and video services directly from the encoding system and insert them automatically into PSIP tables. PSIP Pro outputs PSIP transport packets utilized downstream in the system multiplexer. Users have the flexibility to customize the output by setting the number of days of program schedules to be sent and cycle times for various PSIP tables.

PSIP Pro meets all FCC requirements and supports ATSC recommended practices. PSIP Pro is the system of choice by television station broadcasters who are looking for a proven system at an affordable entry level price.


United States, South Korea, Canada and Mexico digital broadcast and cable markets.

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