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PSIP-Network Overview


  • Real-time Network PSIP data ingest and export
  • Local channel Insertion and Management
  • Risk-free in case of Network Failure
  • Local Encoder & Multiplexer Interfaces
  • Optional Redundancy Configuration

PSIP.Network is the real time PSIP EPG management platform that is designed for TV networks. This solution enables a network or broadcast group to provide their affiliated stations with PSIP through their existing distribution network utilizing either worldwide IP network (WAN) or through the vertical ancillary data space (VANC) of the baseband video signal through satellite transmission.

The PSIP.Network solution enables an affiliate to receive network PSIP data while maintaining the ability to make last minute changes to the PSIP at the local level. The data is processed to produce the final output containing the most complete and accurate Electronic Program Guide (EPG).


PSIP.Network has been adopted by several television groups. In this application, PSIP.Network acts as the centralized regional hub server which provides the accurate EPG and channel information to the affiliate TV stations via IP.