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  • Multiple Outputs
  • Full featured dynamic PSIP solution designed for single or multiple stations
  • Best in class for system reliability, fault tolerance and scalability
  • Budget minded solution for centralized PSIP generation

PSIP Central is a centralized PSIP generator providing networks, station group owners and cable head ends with the ability to generate and manage PSIP data (electronic program guide) from a centralized location and deliver it to affiliate stations.

PSIP Central is a true Central Cast system with multiple outputs enabling either a single station or multiple stations to have different Virtual Channel Tables (VCT) and Transport Stream ID’s (TSID) on discrete outputs.

PSIP Central also allows you to assign program events (EIT & ETT) to different outputs for absolute flexibility. In centralized locations, input multiplexer may carry many program streams, with PSIP Central you can assign which program events are fed to each output along with all of the required tables like MGT, VCT etc…


Networks, Station Group Owners and Cable broadcasters requiring PSIP

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