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OX-R Secure Reliable IP Streaming


  • SMPTE 2022, SRT, Zixi & RIST
  • AES 128/192/256-bit encryption
  • Configurable as source/sender or destination/receiver
  • 4 x Outputs for each input
  • Standard comes with 2 Streams Input for full bi-directional support
  • 8 Configurable Ethernet Ports
  • ASI I/O Interface (optional)
  • 1RU server dimension with hot swappable dual redundant power supply

The OX-R is a compact, secure reliable IP streaming appliance supporting any combination of SRT, Zixi, RIST and SMPTE 2022 streaming formats. OX-R is ideal for streaming media over busy LANs, the unpredictable public Internet, and microwave links with an IP interface.

When configured as a sender, the OX-R accepts a MPEG transport stream over IP, or any UDP over IP packets, encrypts the content, and encapsulates the secured packets in a transport stream wrapper based upon the selected streaming protocol. When configured as a receiver, the process is reversed.

An optional ASI hardware interface is available thus adding the capability to convert an ASI transport stream to an IP transport stream prior to processing the IP stream for reliable, low latency delivery over unpredictable Internet and LAN connections.

When configured as a receiver with the optional ASI interface, the incoming IP stream may be converted to ASI or left in the TSoIP or converted to any other supported IP streaming format.

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