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OX Transport Stream Converter - ASI-to-TSoIP & TSoIP-to-ASI, ARQ, ZIXI


  • Ethernet – IEEE 802.3ab RJ-45 with LED’s 100/1000 Mbps Auto Sense
  • DVB-ASI – 75 Ohm BNC Connector
  • IP Protocols UDP, RTP, ARQ, ZIXI
  • FEC – SMPTE 2022-1/-2
  • Tx & Rx bit rates from 0.1 Mbps to 214 Mbps
  • Configurable via web server interface, field upgradable
  • Persistent storage of configuration parameters
  • Compact, reliable, cost effective solution
  • Comes complete with power supply

The OX is a compact general purpose bi-directional transport stream converter. The OX converts between ASI-to-TSoIP and TSoIP-to-ASI.

The OX complies with both the DVB-ASI and SMPTE 2022 standards. The TSoIP interface supports transport stream encapsulation, forward error correction and UDP/RTP deencapsulation as defined by the SMPTE 2022 standard. ARQ and ZIXI are supported.

The OX has administrative management controls to assign user names and passwords to control user accounts.

All configuration and network settings can be saved and recalled with user defined presets as well as a power on default in the event of a power cycle.

The OX transport stream converter is ideal for routing video throughout a plant or delivering video to a remote transmitter site where IP is the referred interface. An OX can be reliably used on each end of a wired or wireless IP link to convert from and back to DVB-ASI.

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