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DTV Innovations Celebrates 10 Years Under "Not So New" Management

by Benitius Handjojo, CEO

ELGIN, IL, April 25, 2024

DTV Innovations LLC was originally part of Linx Electronics LLC. It was spun off in 2005 when Linx Electronics was acquired by Micronas Semiconductor.

I was Linx Electronics Engineer that designed one of the original products, but my involvement with DTVI did not continue until 2009 when my non-compete agreement was nullified.

In 2014, I was fortunate enough to acquired DTV Innovations.

From our humble beginning with only 3 people, we continue to innovate and grow.

There were many ups and downs throughout our journey but there were also some highlights that make our struggle seems worthwhile.

From keeping our customers TV Stations on air everyday with their program guide, continuously update our codes daily to help our customers TV Stations to adapt and stay on air during hurricane in Florida to supporting Hubei TV in Wuhan with the operation of our satellite video Encoders and IRDs to provide daily communication in the height of COVID pandemic. We feel that we do contribute to the society and the world in some very small way.

Last week we just came back from NAB Show 2024. We met our loyal customers, our future customers, friends and colleagues, our distributors, and vendors.

While I am very proud of what our team has accomplished throughout the years, none of this would have happened without your continuous support.

Today marks our 10 years anniversary of our “not so new” management. From the bottom of my heart, my team and I would like to say our gratitude for allowing us to serve you. We hope to continue providing service to you for the next 10 years and more.

Thank you for all the support these past 10 years!

We hope to continue serving you for the next 10 and more!

Applying clear coat on our “custom made” workbench at 1 a.m. in the morning. LVCC South Hall NAB Show 2015
DTVI exhibits at the NAB Show 2015
DTVI exhibits at the NAB Show 2024