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DVB-T2 Transmitter Workshop

Jakarta, Indonesia November 2014. Following the recent success in Indonesia with their LPTV line, DTV Innovations, Hanjaya Internasional and Anywave provided a digital TV DVB-T2 transmitter workshop. The workshop was held at the University of Trisakti, in Jakarta Indonesia. The presentations were hosted by Perry Priestley, CEO of Anywave, Benitius Handjojo - CEO of DTV Innovations - Hanjaya Internasional and Tony Winata - Jurusan Elektro FTI Usakti. The workshop focused on the operation and maintenance of DTV transmitters. The presentation was provided in both English and Indonesian. It was attended by over 100 engineers and 42 students. All the major TV networks in Indonesia including Sindo TV, MNC, RCTI, Metro TV, Global TV and Indosiar attended.

“This workshop covered everything we needed to know about digital television exciter and amplifier operation” said Dr. Ir. Tjandra Susila, M. Eng. Sc of the Trisakti University. In addition to engineers from almost every major every network in Indonesia, engineering students also attended as part of their engineering education program. Anywave had previously been amoung the suppliers also partnered with Hanjaya International at the Hanajay Engineering Conference in September 2014. Said Perry Priestley, CEO of Anywave, ”Indonesia is moving ahead with the implementation of digital TV at lightning speed, and Anywave is honored to be part of this initial process. The level of expertise and understanding of DVB-T2 technology is very impressive, and the commitment towards adopting this standard is a positive step towards the countries future in Broadcast leasdership.”

Benitius Handjojo (Benny), said that “For me Indonesia is home and it was a pleasure returning to my University. It felt good to give back through education. ¬†Anywave plans further workshops in 2015 on subjects like On Channel Repeaters and DVB-T2 exciter parameter settings. For more information contact Benitius Handjojo