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  • Output goes with IP interface to Harris video systems via carouseling technology.
  • All required tables and descriptors for terrestrial fixed, portable, and mobile receivers. (H-EIT, L-EIT, and L-EIT).
  • Flexible duration of programming can be configured (P/F or up to 64 days of schedules).
  • Automatic data import for the EPG through XML files, and other file formats such as Excel spread sheet, from local or corporate traffic and program managements.
  • Advanced EPG managements including viewing, editing, searching for overlap and lap, event overrun control, as well as default and recurring programming.
  • Capability to export EPG in various file formats.
  • Standalone application with intuitive graphic user interface. No remote database. Set it and forget it.

ISDB-Tb Pro is DTV Innovations’ latest contribution for the emerging ISDB-T markets in South America. It is a software based solution designed for both terrestrial and 1-SEG EPG applications. Built on DTV Innovations’ proven PSIP Pro platform for ATSC, the ISDB-Tb Pro is fully compliant with ISDB-T and ISDB-Tb standards and specifications (ARIB STD-B10 and ABNT NBR 15603) broadcast standards and the recommended practices. It provides complete support for all required ISDB-Tb tables and descriptors. With the GUI-based EPG management, IP-based output interface to the multiplexer, Portuguese localization, and the capability to import program listing data in various formats, ISDB-Tb Pro has offered a complete EPG solution that meets the broadcast requirements.


ISDB-Tb Pro has successful deployments In Brazil with closed integration with Harris video systems. It also goes into broadcast networks for centralized management.