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  • 1 Equalized and fully isolated input, 75 ohm BNC connector
  • Input signal lock detection LED
  • 4 Equalized and fully isolated outputs, 75 ohm BNC connector
  • Very low jitter
  • Data rates from 4 Mbps to 270 Mbps
  • Use with encoders, analyzers and other compliant equipment
  • Ultra compact, reliable, cost effective solution
  • Comes complete with power supply
  • LED Power Indicator


The DA-100 is a compact general purpose distribution amplifier for use as a point-to-multipoint distribution hub of signals around your facility or an inline repeater to extend the signal over greater distances.

The DA-100 is the ONLY distribution amplifier on the market with equalized fully isolated internal circuitry protecting either input or output from DC line spikes.

The DA-100 has a relay by-pass to the primary output allowing signal continuity in the event of power failure.

The DA-100 has a small form factor replacing rack mounted equipment frames saving valuable rack space. The DA-100 is a simple and cost effective solution.

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