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  • Live Video Transmission
  • DASH/HTML 5.0
  • Satellite Modulator
  • Multiplexing of video & data
  • Remote or Local Management
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • 10.1” Backlit Display
  • HD-SDI & HDMI Inputs
  • ASI, IP & Satellite outputs
  • 12 VDC Power
  • DASH (HTML 5.0) Streaming
  • SMPTE-2022 FEC on TSoIP Output
  • DVB-S/S2/S2X Modulator
  • BISS Encryption
  • ATSC & DVB Compliant

More than twenty years of broadcasting experience went into the design of the Chimera portable video encoder. Chimera was designed to address the requirement for a highly portable and easy to use video encoder in situations where weight and size are limited, thus making a rack mount design less than ideal. The ease of portability and flexible inputs and outputs while providing outstanding video quality make Chimera the perfect encoder for many commonly encountered situations.

Controlling Chimera is easily accomplished using its 10.1” capacitive touch screen and intuitive menu structure. The 1280 x 800 resolution of the back lit LED screen also makes an ideal confidence monitor to confirm that Chimera is receiving a video source. A laptop is NOT required to control Chimera.

Chimera is small enough to fit into a backpack, yet powerful enough to deliver outstanding video quality.


  • • Live streaming of Community Events
  • • Transportable Fly-Away Systems
  • • Mobile and Airborne Encoding
  • • Encoding Rental Packages
  • • Supplementing Rack Mounted Encoders When Additional Temporary Paths are Required
  • • Anywhere that Space and Portability are at a Premium
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