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BX-01 Multi-Purpose PCIe x1 Card - ASI & 310M


  • Primary and backup ASI or 310M inputs, with single relay-based output
  • Format conversion on outputs – ASI to/from SMPTE-310M
  • Automatically detection input data format & data size
  • Multiple application options
  • Plug-in Play setup
  • PCI Express x1 v1.1 compliant
  • Relay bypass on primary input
  • Low-power and competitively price
  • Complete API supports & Field upgradable

The BX-01 is a multi-purpose PCIe x1 card which can serve as a Multiplexer, a Data inserter, or a Fail-over switch. It is an advanced, complete hardware solution that gives real-time 2 inputs for ASI or SMPTE-310M and provides 2 outputs with configurable output formats (ASI or 310M).

The BX-01 is fully compliant with both ATSC and DVB standards and includes a Relay Bypass for Primary Input. It automatically detects input data format & Packet size.

The BX-01 has complete API that offers fine level control and monitoring to ensure the maximum usability and adaptability for different applications and environments. It also supports firmware upgrade via local PC host.


Multiplexer – BX-01 creates a single multiplexed output in both ASI and 310M formats from its 2 MPEG-2 transport stream inputs.

Fail-Over Switch - BX-01 monitors on both the primary and backup inputs, with seamless switching to the backup input upon detecting any failure of the primary input or vice versa.

Data Insertion – BX-01 allows user to insert PSIP data or auxiliary data such as subtitle insertion, teletext insertion or Ad insertion.

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