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  • PID re-mapping
  • PSI/SI/PSIP table insertion
  • Easy to use Web interface
  • DVB-ASI - 75 Ohm BNC I/O Connectors
  • Rx or Tx Bitrate - .01 to 214 Mbps
  • Latency - 1 ms
  • Jitter Tolerance - 1 to 500ms

The RBR-1000 Transport Stream Processor allows manitulation of service elements in a transport stream.

It provides functionality for TSID, PID, component and service re-mapping, as well as PSI/SI/PSIP table manipulation including modulation modes.

Adhering to our products philosophy, RBR-1000 is designed for easy operation. It is controlled via a web server user interface and it is field upgradable and comes with dual power supplies for reliability.


Terrestrial, Cable and Satellite broadcast systems with or without ATSC Mobile DTV.

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