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Wild Hare Satellite HD Chooses DTV Innovations Gryphon PVE-3 Ultra Low Latency Contribution Video Encoders to Meet FCC Carrier ID Requirement

Elgin, IL, February 15, 2017 – DTV Innovations today announced that Washington State-based Wild Hare Satellite HD has chosen DTVI’s Gryphon PVE-3 ultra low latency video encoder to refresh its video contribution compression equipment to bring its satellite uplink truck into compliance with the FCC’s DVB-CID mandate.

“I chose DTV Innovations because of their US-based operations and support; I could also tell that they truly valued my patronage,” stated David Garbutt, Owner, Wild Hare Satellite HD. “I specifically chose the Gryphon PVE-3 encoder because of the tightly integrated front panel carrier/modulator controls, simple and effective menu structure, quick set feature, rapid boot time, and front panel power switch.” Garbutt added: “These unique user friendly features and the cost effectiveness of the bundled features made it an easy decision.”

The Gryphon PVE-3 encoders as configured for Wild Hare Satellite will encode standard and high definition MPEG-2 & MPEG-4/H.264, 4:2:0 & 4:2:2, 8-bit & 10-bit, and up to 8 pairs of broadcast quality audio. The encoders can be multiplexed together using the internal multiplexer to transmit multiple services in a single satellite carrier and will protect valuable content with BISS encryption. These features are ideal for the news, sports, media tours, concerts, corporate meetings and other broadcast services provided by Wild Hare Satellite HD.

“We value the business of every customer, whether they’re one of the biggest station groups in the USA, a regional international broadcaster several time zones away or an independent owner/operator such as Wild Hare Satellite HD,” said Benitius (Benny) Handjojo, CEO, DTV Innovations. “I am pleased to see David Garbutt and other quality conscience operators choose our solutions.”

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